God bless you wishes and quotes in English

May you become proud not only for your family but also for your nation.

Always remember GOD helps those who help themselves.So first prepare your self then leave it on GOD.

Everything is possible in this world. What we need is just determination; your good luck depends on your firm belief.

Dear you have always been doing well; if you will keep on going you will meet your destination. Good luck to you!

May you do your best and don’t be afraid. success is like a ball in air it depends on you, how you catch it in your hand.

Be courageous and Be sure that you will stand first and consider it as your aim. Wish you All the best.

If you are ready for exams and you have prepared your self completely for exams then be sure and trust in GOD.

May GOD help you during your exams and bless you with great marks.


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