Sad Quotes – sad love quotes – Sad Status – Depression quotes

Sad Quotes - sad love quotes - Sad Status - Depression quotes
Sad Quotes - sad love quotes - Sad Status - Depression quotes

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Heart Touching Sad Quotes with Emotional Feeling

SHE taught…. HE learned…. And The Bad Luck Separated Them…

It’s OK for your LOVE.. It’s NOT OK with your IGNORANCE…

You are the one who made me to trust and you are the one who is didn’t trusted me….

I know you don’t go away from me…. but I don’t know I fear a lot…

Sad Quotes - sad love quotes - Sad Status - Depression quotes
Sad Quotes – sad love quotes – Sad Status – Depression quotes

Inside its KILLING…. Outside I’m SMILING…. That’s My Life..

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Best 5 Sad Whatsapp Quotes in ENglish 

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Those from whom you expect never deliver and those from whom you never expect always deliver

Ignorance is the main reason for the breakups

A single drop of TEARS is made up of your 100% of the EMOTIONS…

People’s are TEMPORARY Being hurt is PERMANENT

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Best Google sad quotes

Some people make relations to break your heart and make you cry….don’t let them win because you are the best.

Everyone can share their emotions with anyone… But not everyone may deserves to it…

Until you realise you gonna lose again and again… forever and ever…

Lot of HAPPINESS may leads to lot of SORROWS

I am broken inside…lots of pain….in heart but i have smile on my face…..this is my life……

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sad quotes about friendship

My friends never cares when I am upset but I always cares when they are.

Do whatever you can for someone but your one silly mistake can break your relation………..

Life is zesty yet death is the final destination of each one of the planet earth!

There is no one in my life who can understand how much i got hurt

I love my eyes because they allows my feeling to leave my body in the form of tears.

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Top 5 sad quotes that make you cry

There is always a smile on my face and that smile will never let anyone know my feeling

If you think he/she giving you HAPPINESS then admit that he/she will be only the reason for your next SORROWS…

Everytime your HEART is waiting for each other… But your TONGUE separates each other….

Don’t please the people who doesn’t value your pleasing….

Two types of people: 1. who needs you 2. who needs you(only sometimes)

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